The LSLBO has a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors representing a diversity of industry, education, community and perspectives. Members share their expertise and leadership by providing direction and guidance for the LSLBO’s vision, mission and goals.

Chair – Bob Deacon

Bob Deacon

Neal Knoot
Director at large

Terry Kristoff Vice Chair

Terry Kristoff
Vice Chair

Allan Bell 
Director at large

Treasurer – Ronda Groom

Ronda Groom

Brandy Walters
Director at large

Director of Field Research – Tyler Flockhart

Tyler Flockhart
Director of Field Research

Nelson Lutz
Director at large



Executive Director – Patti Campsall

Patti Campsall
Executive Director

Nicole Krikun
Assistant bander

Richard Krikun

Richard Krikun
Bander in charge