LSLBO educators specialize in developing and delivering fun, hands-on, educational programs to people of all ages!

Every year thousands of people take part in our environmental education programs on topics ranging from migration to amphibians and everything in between. We want to share our expertise with you so we are working on developing our lesson plans and resources to put on our site.

On-Line Teacher Resources:

Download “ready to go”  Elementary Lesson plans on the website of our Education Partner, the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society!

They are full of activities, ideas  and resources to connect your students with the Boreal Forest.  Thank you to the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta for helping to fund the development of these great programs!

Or Check out our newly developed Species at Risk teacher package!

  1. View our introductory video
  2. Download and print our entire lesson plan kit including lesson plans, worksheets and species at risk fact sheets.
  3. Download and print the “Survive or Perish” board game in colour (page 1 and 2) or black and white (page 1 and 2) The board game prints best on  11×17 paper. Instructions for the game are here.


SAR boardgame