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Job Type: Volunteer Position
Approximate dates: Spring period May 1 to June 10; Fall period July 12 to August 30
Time Commitment: At least two consecutive days and up to one month


The Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory (LSLBO) is a non-profit, non-governmental research station located in the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, approximately 20 km north of Slave Lake, Alberta. We are looking for volunteers to assist with our long-term avian monitoring programs including visual counts and bird banding. We run 14 mist nets along the lakeshore for 7 hours starting half an hour before sunrise (4:30 AM at the earliest). Since we are in a migration corridor, we emphasize recording overhead migration and often count 300 birds a day, but can count anywhere from 15 to 15,000 birds per day. As a banding station we capture an average of 30 to 40 birds in a day, but can capture anywhere from 0 to 400 birds daily with capture rates often higher (but less diverse) in the fall period.

What to expect during your time at the LSLBO

Volunteering experiences will be tailored to the volunteer’s aptitude and previous experiences of birding and banding. All volunteers can learn about mist-net operations and improve their skills recording data through scribing for banders, while learning more about boreal songbird species. Those with no previous experience, but a keen attitude can expect to learn to identify common bird species found around Lesser Slave Lake by both sight and sound. More experienced birders have the opportunity to perform hourly visual migration counts and daily census. Only highly experienced and dedicated volunteers will be allowed to handle, extract, and band birds at the LSLBO’s discretion. All volunteers will participate in maintaining and improving station facilities.


  • Passion for birds and wilderness
  • Enthusiasm for early mornings
  • Detail-oriented with excellent field data recording and data entry skills
  • Safety conscience and bear aware.
  • Volunteers must hold a current membership with the LSLBO prior to their arrival.

Space is limited and often filled on a first come, first served basis. All volunteers must complete the application form and register prior to their arrival.

Phone: 1 (780) 849-8240